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Personal Expressions
Personal Expressions  

We start with a initial free consultation where we review alternatives and a starting points to develop your dream ceremony and make sure I am the person you would like to perform the ceremony. 

When you make the choice to use my wedding officiant services, I assist you in creating a wedding ceremony to fit your personality and  style.  If you desire we incorporate family, friends, cultural traditions, how you met, what you believe your marriage to be and much more....you bring the ideas. Choose traditional, contemporary, modern or create your own style.  I will help you put them into your ceremony.  I provide you with a large array of ceremony content to select your personal ceremony.  Also, available is a beautiful pre-designed ceremony with choices for vow and ring exchange for those who do not want to develop a completely personal ceremony.  

Ceremony Only   Fee $300 includes: 

  • Personal data collection for wedding ceremony content.
  • Email all ceremony selection, ceremony to do list and processional outline.
  • Ceremony preparation.
  •  Follow-up meeting in person, via Skype or phone to review ceremony drafts, prepare for wedding processional and additional details not covered in initial meeting.
  • Ceremony at the site of your choice.  This package includes locations with in Alameda, and Santa Clara counties. (Additional travel fees will apply for areas outside of these two counties at $.50/mile).
  • I perform wedding ceremony (I arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time to review last minute details or changes.)
  • Guide you through all the ceremony formality. (You do not need to memorize or remember what you need to do during the ceremony)
  • Sign Marriage License
  • Mail signed wedding license into County.

 Add a Rehearsal  Fee: $150

Some times a wedding rehearsal is not necessary or someone else is conducting one for you. So you may not need this service.  If you do want a rehearsal scheduled with me there the service includes:

  •  If no coordinator I oversee your entire rehearsal.  If you have a coordinator I work with them on the timing for processional, recessional and ceremony detail directed to you.
  • We walk through were everyone is to stand, walking in and walking out, the overview of detail for the bride and groom (If you choose no rehearsal don't worry day of ceremony I guide you through all the detail so you do not need to remember or mimorize anything).
  • Travel included with fee to Almeda or Santa Clara county. Travel to areas beyond these counties are subject to additional travel fees at $.50/mile
  • Rehearsal takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.  
  • I arrive 15 minutes before rehearsal.

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The gift you can bring to your marriage

Be sure to make time to care for yourselves and then come together to make your marriage stronger. 

The greatest gift you can give your children is ...A father showing his children how much he cares for and loves their mother and a mother showing her children how much she cares, loves and trust their father.

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